Who We Are

Jacobs English Mansion is situated in the heart of Thrissur City. By the grace of God, the exorbitant dream of Mrs. Rita Jose trained by the British Council, gave birth to the institution. Life without a dream is meaningless. A dream is a burning desire to achieve something more than great. Just as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west,

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Courses We Offered


All students could imbobe the knowledge in language and get the platform to expose the same with confidence and without hesitation. It enables them to utilise the skills and potentials to the maximum. On the whole they acquire good command of English. And the classes would be interactive sessions the students do get individual care.

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Teaching Strategy

We have a team of dedicated staff who do really a great responsibility and merely not a job. In IELTS each module is handled so carefully that students attain their desird score.For every module,we give them a systematic training,especially in speaking and writing. These are the two modules where they need a special case.They certainly excel in writing as they write numerous simple to complicated topics.

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